Heddle Construction Adds Another Liebherr Mobile Crane To The Hire Fleet

Orkney based Heddle Construction has been a Liebherr mobile crane owner for over 20 years and, in a recent major investment, has added a 220 tonnes capacity LTM 1220-5.2 mobile crane to their hire fleet. Not only is Heddle’s crane hire fleet exclusively comprised of Liebherr models but this is now the largest mobile crane available for work on Orkney.

A growing need for higher, longer reach and heavier lifting capabilities has prompted Heddle to make this investment, once again turning to Liebherr for their requirements. The LTM 1220-5.2 is equipped with a 60 metres main telescoping boom and a 12.20-22 metres swing-away fly-jib with a 0º, 22.5º and 45º degree off-set. Heddle’s new crane provides lift heights, working radii and heavy-lift capacities that are more than capable of fulfilling the current workload and future lifting tasks, as Heddle gains increasing contracts in the marine support and renewable energy markets. Commenting on their new acquisition, Director Derek Heddle said

“We are very much planning for the future in buying this crane and it has already been proving its worth in precision lifts at both height and radius. We’ve been running 40 and 60 tonnes capacity Liebherr mobiles in our fleet for many years and this new acquisition is very much our flagship, adding an extra dimension to our capabilities.”

The Liebherr LTM 1220-5.2 is very compact for its performance and the 10X8X10 drive, combined with active rear axle steering, provides an agility and manoeuvrability for even the most restricted sites. For heavy lift tasks, the crane has been supplied with an additional 4 tonnes of ballast, making the total counterweight 78 tonnes. Working with maximum fly-jib, capacities can attain 1.70 tonnes at 76 metres radius, with a maximum under hook height reaching 61 metres with an optimum load of 6.10 tonnes.

The carrier is powered by a Liebherr engine developing 370kW and the ZF 12-speed gearbox features the AS-TRONIC automatic control system. The hydraulically operated four-point outriggers are self-levelling with an electronic indicator. The crane itself is also powered by a Liebherr made engine which has an output of 180kW; both engines on the crane comply with 97/68/EG stage 3a and EPA/CARB Tier 3 low emissions regulations. Electronic control is provided by Liebherr’s own LICCON computer system via twin self-centering joysticks located in the operator’s seat armrests, with LICCON also incorporating safe load indication and a diagnostic and testing system. The ergonomically designed, state-of-the-art cab is comfortably appointed with full instrumentation and can be tilted backwards hydraulically for optimum visibility during lifting operations.

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