Peak Waste Recycling buy their first Liebherr Industrial Rehandler

Choosing a replacement materials handler is a significant investment and Peak Waste Recycling Limited, of Ashbourne in Derbyshire, took a long look at the market before deciding to buy their first Liebherr – an A 316 Litronic wheeled machine in long-reach industrial specification. Peak Waste’s director Ken Martin summed it up “Recommendations from colleagues in the industry helped us decide to go with Liebherr this time and I’m pleased to say we are very satisfied with the power and performance of our new materials handler”. The A 316 Litronic is busy loading high-sided bulkers, stockpiling and feeding the recycling plants on site.

The company is an independent, privately owned waste management company providing waste collection, recycling and reclamation services throughout the Peak District and environs. In addition to running a large fleet of specialist waste collection vehicles, they also have a tailor-made recycling plant at their Ashbourne premises, with a second bespoke plant coming on stream this month. The two plants sort, separate and stockpile reclaimables from incoming domestic, commercial, building and demolition waste materials – one treating a light wastestream which includes board, paper, plastics and woodwaste; the other designated for the heavier end, including secondary aggregates, scrap metals and fines. Each plant is comprised of trommel screeners, conveyor systems, picking stations, magnets and blowers to obtain the best possible quality of clean recyclable materials for reuse. Peak Waste Recycling is also processing any remaining waste into RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) material which is exported to Amsterdam where it is used for power generation. The company is justifiably proud of its recycling rate, with minimal volumes of non-recyclable waste going on to landfill.

The Liebherr A 316 Litronic is a high specification wheeled materials handler featuring an hydraulically elevating cab, a 3.5 m stick with tilt kinematics and a 5.5 m industrial straight boom for maximum lift height and long reach capabilities. Peak Waste Recycling’s machine is equipped for both grapple and shear, with Liebherr Tool Control for automatic recognition of attachment, adjusting hydraulic flow accordingly; it is also equipped with hydraulic swivel for full 360° rotation of the selected attachment. For operational stability, the A 316 is equipped with front and rear hydraulic outriggers and, when free-on-wheels, the mobility and agility of this machine provides excellent manoeuvrability around the site. The solid twin tyres selected are Gumasol 10.00-20/SP20 (MH 4). The A316 Litronic is an 18 tonnes class machine and the level IIIA/Tier 3 engine output is 94kW, providing power to spare. Lift capacities are up to 11 tonnes, with a maximum reach and lift height of 9 m.

The air-conditioned operator’s cab is typically comfortable and functional, with Liebherr’s Litronic engine, hydraulic and electronics management system and lift charts. A safe load indicator is standard. The cab can be hydraulically raised to give an eye-line of approximately 5 metres, with front and top (FOPS) guards fitted. Additional operational safety equipment on this machine includes an amber roof beacon, extra front and rear twin headlights and a rear-view CCTV camera with in-cab colour screen to provide maximum rear space monitoring at all times.

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