Stepford Homes invest in Cat excavators

Regional house builder Stepford Homes has invested in two Cat 305.5D Mini excavators, a Cat 312D hydraulic excavator and a Cat 320 DL hydraulic excavator from Finning. The firm has made the additions to its fleet for the development of 50 homes in West Lynn, Norfolk, as well as 12 similar sites, developed in conjunction with local housing associations and local authorities throughout the East of England.

The site in West Lynn, developed for the Hastoe Group, for Stepford Homes and will be offering 2, 3 and 4 bed apartments, as well as bungalows and houses for rental and shared ownership.

Talking about the West Lynn development Stepford Homes’ Contracts Manager, Philip Hayden, said:

“When we approach a project it aims to produce sustainably built affordable properties available to rent and buy through shared equity schemes, primarily catering for housing associations, while also giving homeowners the chance to invest in innovative, well designed and good quality open market properties.

“The company has been able to redevelop the 3.3 acre brownfield site in West Lynn in just 4 months with the first of its residents already moving in, marking a major success for the business, all while developing 12 similar sites around the East and South Midlands, as well as the rest of East of England.

“Traditionally the company never had to carry out its own civils work as it would be outsourced, but since the recession it has become harder and harder to find a suitable civils company to carry out the work that needs to be done.

“It was at this point that we decided to bring all its civils work in house creating its own division Stepford Civils, which has enabled the business to dramatically speed up its turnover time of the sites through the investment in a fleet of its own plant machinery.

“We have considerable experience within its ranks giving the company the ability to take on such responsibilities but in order for that experience and skill to be put to work at its full potential you need the right equipment to do so.

“The company invested in Cat hydraulic excavators from Finning because they are a premium product that can deliver premium performance and are ideally suited to essential jobs around the site. The Cat 320DL’s power and longer wheel-base gives the excavator the extra stability and strength it needs to carry out tasks preparing the sites for redevelopment, like the demolition of any unwanted structures, stripping the sites back to their base, as well as reduced level digging for foundations to be laid.

“The Cat 312D hydraulic excavator is small enough to fit between the foundations of the bare bones of the houses yet powerful enough to dig footings and drainage trenches, making it an agile yet powerful machine, while also being used to load unwanted materials into highway trucks ready for its removal. The Cat 305.5D in the meantime carries out smaller jobs, putting finishing touches on the sites with delicate precision.
“With the machinery always on the move another attractive selling point is the fact that all new Caterpillar machinery comes fitted with Cesar (Construction Equipment Security And Registration) System. The security system allows the equipment to be easily identified by police using Datatag technology should it ever be stolen, something Stepford Homes considers to be extremely valuable.

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