A-Plant places large order for fleet of mobile floodlighting systems with TowerLight

A-Plant, one of the UK’s largest plant and equipment hire companies; has confirmed an order for a fleet of mobile floodlighting systems from the leading lighting supplier, TowerLight UK Limited.

The order is for 100 units of the environmentally biased site lighting tower, the VT-1 Eco, supplied directly from TowerLight UK’s Milton Keynes headquarters.

These fuel saving lighting towers are produced by lighting manufacturer, TowerLight s.r.l, based near Milan, Italy. The VT-1 Eco is the latest variant of TowerLight’s flagship lighting product, the VT-1 SuperLight, but with added environmental benefits and cost saving possibilities.

A-Plant positioned a number of these sets at the recent F1 race held at Silverstone, providing proper, dependable illumination around the site, allowing the race enthusiasts to move safely around the campsites during the night.

The principal feature of the VT-1 Eco is an advanced light detection sensor and auto stop/start mechanism that automatically switches on the unit when the ambient light has descended to a predetermined level. In reverse, the sensor will close down the lighting set when sufficient brightness rises. This completely alleviates the need to employ a team of operatives, travelling around a site manually starting and stopping each individual lighting set, at night and in the morning.

Combining the two factors of less personnel travelling around the site and lighting sets in operation only when it is dark, TowerLight has calculated that reduced pollution levels of up to 30% could be achieved, representing a significant proportion of overall carbon usage reduction, bringing environmental benefits to both the operator and, in this instance, the race going community.

In addition to contributing to lower pollution in the wider environment, the operator will also benefit in straight fuel and labour cost savings.

Asif Latief, A-Plant’s marketing and strategic accounts director said,

“These lights are undoubtedly environmental friendly, which will go a long way towards helping our clients to meet with their own green responsibilities, as well as simply saving money on labour and fuel costs.”

Paul Hay, TowerLight’s international sales manager added,

“With Government departments, such as DEFRA, placing an increasing emphasis on reducing pollution on construction sites and civil engineering projects, we set about developing the VT-1 Eco with environmental considerations right at the forefront. The knock-on effect means that these benefits will also apply to outside event managers, whose clients are often eager to use environmentally sound equipment.”

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