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Daniel Drury (left) takes delivery from Steve Elliott of Liebherr.

County Lifting, the lifting and transport specialist based in the Midlands, has taken delivery of a brand new LTM 1130-5.1 mobile crane which was displayed in their distinctive livery on the Liebherr stand at this year’s Vertikal Days event. The crane arrived in the UK during the last week of May and, having featured as part of the Liebherr exhibit, returned to work for the customer immediately the show closed.

The Liebherr LTM 1130-5.1 features a 60 metres main boom with duties from 130 tonnes at 3 m radius to 1.9 tonnes at 56 m radius. County Lifting has taken the 10.8-19 metres swing-away fly-jib with a 0º, 20º and 40º degree off-set which gives a maximum capacity of 0.8 tonnes at a radius of 68 metres.

The 10X8X10 carrier is powered by a Liebherr engine developing 370kW and is equipped with a 12 speed automatic gearbox, hydropneumatic suspension, disc brakes all round and active rear axle steering for extreme manoeuvrability. The hydraulic outriggers feature support pressure indication. With a total counterweight of 42 tonnes, the LTM 1130-5.1 can travel with 22.6 tonnes ballast in the UK under STGO regulations.

For the superstructure, the 145kW crane engine is also made by Liebherr. Electric load-sensing control provides simultaneous operation of four working motions via twin self-centering joysticks located in the operator’s seat armrests. The electrical systems employ the latest data bus techniques and Liebherr’s own LICCON safe load indicator incorporates a diagnostic and testing system. The ergonomically designed, state-of-the-art cab is comfortably appointed with full instrumentation and can be tilted backwards hydraulically for optimum visibility during lifting operations.

As with all new generation Liebherr cranes, it is equipped with the latest GSM module technology. This provides a direct on-board link between the customer and Liebherr’s after-sales engineers, both in the UK and the European factory, to assist in diagnostics and fault-finding should the need arise.

Taking delivery from Liebherr’s Steve Elliott (see photo), Daniel Drury from County Lifting commented “The new crane is a welcome addition to our fleet and will extend our capabilities to meet the growing requirements of our customers for both crane hire and machinery movement services.“

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