Lendlease have renewed their framework agreement with Human Recognition Systems.

lendlease-and-msite-logoLeading international property and infrastructure group Lendlease has renewed its framework agreement with Human Recognition Systems (HRS) to supply access control and workforce management systems to all of its construction sites in the UK.

Set to last another three years, the framework is a renewal of an agreement which sees HRS’ MSite system the sole supplier for nearly every site with an access control and workforce management requirement. The agreement has been extended to allow all of Lendlease’s sites access to the same reporting system which allows the transfer of information from the site managers on the ground back to head office, on factors such as the number of workers on site, environmental performance, diversity and local labour employment, online inductions and workforce registration.

MSite has been shown to save contractors:

  • £59,000 in purchased cards and faster induction for CSCS integration and card usage, where workers use their own cards to access site,
  • £110,000 in induction time and errors for pre-enrolment and induction booking, where suppliers enter their workers’ details online prior to the first visit to site,
  • £13,500 on the average half a day per site per month it usually takes to produce local labour and environmental reports, for the logging of workers’ travel-to-site distances to contribute to a site’s CO2 footprint,
  • £25,000 on diversity reporting by category,
  • £15,000 on a part-time employee per site for delivery management, with suppliers and contractors booking their slots online.

Andy Fulterer, head of strategic procurement at Lendlease, said:

“MSite saves us considerable time in reporting and allows our on-site project team to focus on managing projects in situ while giving our head office instant visibility to all the data needed in real time.”

Lendlease is also implementing the latest MSite development, a pre-enrolment function where sub-contractors enter worker information ahead of their arrival on site, saving time for the site team. This ensures the mandatory completion of information, including accreditations prior to site induction, as well as reducing the overall induction time and associated overheads.

Lendlease is just one of the UK’s major contractors working with MSite to ensure a safer and more secure experience for site workers as well as a consistent, corporate approach to reporting for head office staff.

HRS marketing communications and exhibitions executive Dan Rennie said:

“We are delighted to have been able to re-sign Lendlease who continue to embrace MSite and further develop it with us to our mutual benefit.”

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