All New Bocker RK36-2400 Tracked Crane

bockerKranlyft announces the arrival of the All New Bocker RK36-2400 Tracked Crane.

This innovative new crane will be debuted in the UK at this year’s Vertikal Days exhibition over 15-16th June on stand 108-109.

The compact crawler chassis of the RK36-2400 crane ensures a particularly safe traction and grip as well as an equal pressure distribution on any ground. This feature allows working on gravel, sand or wet and soft lawn areas with payloads of up to 2,400 kg.

A powerful Diesel engine gives this crane  sufficient power reserves for any situation. It can be equipped with an additional electric motor that has the same performance as the diesel engine to enable emission-free work with a low noise level, ideal for work in enclosed spaces.

With a maximum lifting height of 36 m, maximum capacity of 2,400 kg and Pick and Carry duties of 250 kg, this crane with its compact dimensions has capacity and reach for many applications and lifting situations. Restricted access, internal work, glazing, construction, roof tops, steel erection, cladding – this crane provides an ideal solution.

Other features include radio remote control with colour display, crawler chassis with 2 speeds – creep and fast mode, multiflex outrigger system with auto-levelling.  It can be transformed into an access platform for maximum versatility. The transformation from crane to platform mode takes very little time due to the EASY-LOCK system .

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