Sennebogen Appoints Molson as UK Dealer for Recycling and Timber

sennebogenSennebogen announce the appointment of a new dealer for the waste and timber industries in the UK. Molson Group is taking over from E.H. Hassell & Sons, who will focus solely on their core competences in port and scrap metal markets and harbour cranes.

Over the past decades SennebogenĀ“s approach has always been to develop material handlers for the relevant specialist industries. This approach has led to an ever increasing growing number of models purpose built for the various industries, scrap metal, ports, waste and timber.

Sennebogen keeps specialising also their distributor network so our customers have an experienced consultant not only for the machine itself but also for the industries they are working in.

Due to the success of E. H. Hassell & Sons in the port and scrap metal markets, Sennebogen have confirmed a new long term dealership agreement with the company, which allows them to focus and continue their success on these key markets. The relationship with E H Hassell & Sons started in 1998 and both companies have seen strong growth in Great Britain having built up a reputation in all of the key markets but in particular the scrap and port business.


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